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Foundation Year

Doctor Night Shift

How to Survive Your First Night Shift as a Doctor

19th October 2018

Starting work as a doctor is probably one of the most exciting yet nerve-racking things any new medical graduate would experience. You are being let loose on wards across the country to look after patients you have never met and be responsible for their care. Many of us anxiously await our first rota to see…

Three Things I've Learned as an FY1

3 Things I Learned In My First Month As An FY1

18th October 2018

It’s now a little over a month since I started my FY1 post in a large teaching hospital in Wales. I began my rotation on Urology, where I’m one of five ‘juniors’ (ranging from F1 to CT). We work in the old-fashioned system of ‘firms’, with two consultants whose patients I principally care for, although…


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