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The Little Blue Pill OTC

Being able to obtain Viagra over the counter in your local pharmacy may be a relief for men who find it difficult to visit their doctor with something that they feel is embarrassing, such as impotency or erectile dysfunction. Psychologically, men may consider themselves a failure and would prefer not to admit it, nor discuss it in depth with their GP or Medical Practitioner. It may also stop the somewhat shady sale of Viagra online, a risky business with no guarantee on the products being purchased and ingested – how sure can one be that the real thing is the ‘real thing’, unless purchased from a verified source?

Having Your Reasons

The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, the governing body who decide what medical items can be purchased over the counter, made the decision to allow Viagra to be sold this way and are saying that it should be available in chemists or pharmacy outlets by Spring this year (2018).

Whilst it is important that men can purchase Viagra for the right reasons, could this cause more problems if they have never visited a doctor to discuss the situation? Do they realise that individuals suffering from certain health conditions should never take it? This does put pressure on the pharmacists to make the decision whether to allow someone to buy it and provide a diagnosis of their condition on the spot, although some will inevitably request a longer consultation with the patient.

Pushing the Limit

Anyone with a heart condition, at risk of heart disease, or with diseases of organs such as kidney or liver, will not be able to purchase OTC. They will also be asked a series of questions regarding their health and any medications they are currently taking, in order to establish whether it is safe to take Viagra.

There will also be an age limit – under 18s will not be allowed to buy OTC and those over the age may well be asked to provide identification, particularly because they may be purchasing it for the wrong reasons and have misunderstood the real purpose of the drug.


The drug will be sold as ‘Viagra Connect’, also known as Sildenafil, in 50g tablets which should assist in preventing erectile dysfunction. It is not, however, something to be taken unwisely, and in the belief that it would allow a man to ‘keep going’ for hours. Unfortunately, misinformed and dangerous media has given this illusion many times over, and herein lies the risk factor. There is some concern that in the hands of youngsters, it could well be used wrongly.

Viagra is not a recreational drug, it is given for a purpose, and this should be adhered to.


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