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Medical Guidelines

A document containing all guidelines may be downloaded here.

As part of your time as a training medical practitioner, you will often be part of an on-call team. Whilst working as a registrar, you may even be called to cover specialities that you are unfamiliar with. This section details all the medical guidelines in their most recent permutations, organised by the most relevant speciality.

Specialist Topics

The guidelines we have collated are documents designed for guiding your decision-making whilst practising – and cover diagnosis, management, and treatment strategies. They are drawn from current evidence-based theories and practices, and in conjunction with our factsheets, provide a comprehensive breakdown of how to approach a variety of situations. If you find anything to be missing, or wish to know more about a certain speciality or topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For any guidelines that do not fit under the specialities listed below, please check out our general guidelines.

Our guidelines fall into the following categories:

Additionally, there are guidelines that cover general medical conditions and procedures such as the use of oxygen and management of patients displaying signs of aggressive behaviour.

A document containing all guidelines may be downloaded here.


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