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A document containing all guidelines may be downloaded here.

The team at TMP Pro have identified 27 guidelines that can reasonably be said to fall into the Gastroenterology speciality group. The Gastroenterology guidelines were last updated in the summer of 2018.

AIHBSGGuidelines for the Management of Autoimmune Hepatitis (2011)
AscitesBSGGuidelines on the Management of Ascites in Cirrhosis (2006)
Coeliac DiseaseNICENG20 Coeliac Disease (2015)
Colorectal CancerNICEQS20 Colorectal Cancer (2012)
SIGNGuideline 126: Diagnosis and management of colorectal cancer (2010)
Common Bile Duct StonesBSGUK Guidelines for the management of Common Bile Duct Stones (2017)
DiarrhoeaBSGGuidelines for the Investigation of Chronic Diarrhoea (Tests for Malabsorption) (2003)
DyspepsiaNICECG184 Dyspepsia (2014)
EndoscopyBSGGuidelines for the Management of Anticoagulant and Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients Undergoing Endoscopic Procedures (2008)
Enteral feedingBSGGuidelines for Enteral Feeding in Adult Hospital Patients (1996)
GI BleedingSIGNGuideline 105 Management of Upper and Lower GI bleeding (2008)
GI Cancer treatmentBSGManagement of GI problems arising as a result of treatment for cancer (2011)
Hepatitis BNICECG165 Hepatitis B (2017)
Hepatitis CSIGNGuideline 133 management of Hepatitis C (2013)
Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseNICECG152 Crohn's Disease: Management in adults, children, and young people (2016)
NICECG166 Ulcerative Colitis (2013)
BSGGuidelines for the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (2010)
Irritable Bowel SyndromeBSGGuidelines on the Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Mechanisms and Practical Management (2007)
NICECG61 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (2017)
Liver FailureBSGIndications for Referral and Assessment in Adult Liver Transplantation: A Clinical Guideline (2000)
NAFIDBSGGuidelines for Liver Transplantation for Patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (2012)
Pancreatitis BMJUK Guidelines for the management of acute Pancreatitis (2003)
Short Bowel SyndromeBMJGuidelines for the Management of Patients with a Short Bowel (2006)
TuberculosisNICENG33 Tuberculosis (2016)
Upper GI BleedNICECG141 Acute Upper GI Bleeding: Management (2016)
Upper and Lower GI BleedsBSGGuideline 105 Management of Acute Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding (2012)
VariciesBSGUK Guidelines on Management of Variceal Haemorrhage in Cirrhotic Patients (2015)

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