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A document containing all guidelines may be downloaded here.

The team at TMP Pro have identified 12 guidelines that can reasonably be said to fall into the Respiratory speciality group. The Respiratory guidelines were last updated in the summer of 2018.

COPDNICECG101 COPD Guidelines (2010)
CoughBTSRecommendations for the management of cough in adults (2006)
Lung cancerNICECG 121 lung cancer (2011)
SIGNGuideline 137 Management of patients with lung cancer (2014)
NICEBritish Thoracic Society Guidelines on the Radical Management of Lung Cancer (2017)
Malignant pleural effusionBTSPleural Disease Guidelines (2010)
Pleural infectionBTSPleural Disease Guidelines (2010)
PneumoniaBTSGuidelines for the management of Community Acquired Pneumonia in Adults (2009)
Respiratory tract infectionNICECG69 Respiratory Tract Infection (2008)
Spontaneous pneumothoraxBTSPleural Disease Guidelines (2010)
Type 2 respiratory failureRCP/BTS/ICSNon-invasive ventilation in COPD: management of acute Type 2 respiratory failure (2008)
Unilateral pleural effusionBTSPleural Disease Guidelines (2010)

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