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Pay Scales

Like most large businesses, the NHS pays its doctors in pay bands, with salary increases each time a doctor changes roles – usually, once a year as they move up to the next year of training. Salaries for doctors reflect a the working week, with additional remuneration for all extra responsibilities, on-call work, and anti-social hours. We have information on pay scales under the new junior doctor contract for


In addition to different pay scales for different doctor roles, salaries vary across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

All new SAS doctors are now employed as either Associate Specialists or Speciality Doctors, with the latter replacing multiple closed grades as of 2008.

In additional to the training grades and consultant salaries above, doctors working in any additional fields are also encouraged to ensure their salary is on a par with the NHS pay scales. This includes general practitioners, occupational physicians, and Armed Forces consultants. There will also be separate salary arrangements for those undertaking training or academic roles, as well as countless amendments and individual arrangements across the NHS.


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