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Other Roles

In addition to the pay scales for junior doctors, speciality registrars, and consultants – the BMA encourages parity of pay across any additional consultant and trainee doctor roles outside of the core and speciality training programme, or the NHS. This includes General Practitioners working in primary health care institutions or independently, occupational physicians working outside of the NHS, and Defence Medical Services staff.

General Practitioners

General practitioners may be contracted independently, running their own businesses, or salaried by other independent contracts or primary care organisations. The pay range for salaried GPs begins at £56,525 in England, Scotland, and Wales.

UK RegionMinimum Salary (£)Maximum Salary (£)
Northern Ireland55,41283,617

Occupational Physicians

Doctors employed as occupational physicians outside of the NHS should earn an amount comparable to doctors who work in the NHS, according to the BMA – starting at £36,461.

NHS GradeEquivalentNHS £ per annum
Speciality RegistrarTrainee Occupational Physician36,461 - 46,208
Consultant, Initial AppointmentOccupational Physician76,761 - 86,369
Experienced ConsultantSenior Occupational Physician86,369 - 139,682

Doctors should take around five years to progress through the Speciality Registrar grade. Higher rates may be payable to those with additional qualifications or experience.

It should take around five years to progress through the Initial Appointment Consultant grade. Within the NHS, those with additional responsibilities or who demonstrate a significant contribution to the profession can earn up to £102,466.

Doctors should take no more than 10 years to progress through to the maximum level of the Experienced Consultant grade. Doctors with Clinical Excellence Awards may earn up to £178,004 in the NHS.

Armed Forces Doctors

Doctors in the military are paid at a level at least commensurate with NHS-salaried doctors. This may become offset by Clinical Excellence Awards, however.

RoleAverage Income (£)Difference (%)
Defence Medical Services Consultant115,045-
NHS Consultant
11 Programmed Activities100,927+14.0
+5% On Call105,549+9.0
+ 5% On Call and 5-Yearly CEA111,865+2.8
+ 5% On Call and 3-Yearly CEA117,837-2.4

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