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There are four options available within the leadership and management domain, worth up to a maximum of six marks.


Everything included within this domain must directly relate to your role as a medical student or doctor, such as a place on the medical student’s society. Roles from outside medicine may be mentioned, but not scored. You must also demonstrate how your work had a positive impact.

Points cannot be claimed in multiple domains where there is an overlap. Nothing directly relating to quality improvement may be claimed in this section.

Roles will only be scored if you held the post for 6+ months as of the application closing date. Evidence for this timescale must be provided.

Leadership & Management

Hold/have held national leadership/manager role for 6+ months6Includes BMA national executive, trainee representative of a specialist society or college or a nationally held leadership and management fellowship
Hold/have held regional leadership/manager role for 6+ months4Includes roles covering more than one hospital or covering a postgraduate training region
Hold/have held local leadership/manager role for 6+ months2Includes roles role within one hospital or medical school such as junior doctors’ mess president or trainee representative on a hospital committee.
None / other - please specify0Includes non-medical roles and those not meeting the minimum time requirement.

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