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There are seven options in the postgraduate section, worth up to a maximum of 10 marks.


Those without standard UK degree grading are encouraged to select whichever option they deem most appropriate. Similarly, a qualification that could therefore be counted as either postgraduate or undergraduate should be counted under whichever section deemed most suitable. This cannot be counted twice, however.

Postgraduate examinations such as the MRCP should not be included in this section.

Additional Degrees

PhD / DPhil10Full time research involving original work - usually 3+ years, and peer-reviewed publication
MD - 2-year original research8Full time research involving original work, usually 2+ years duration, and peer-reviewed publication
1-year postgraduate course (MSc, etc.)5Three university terms / 8 months+ but not upgraded bachelors without further study
MD - dissertation4Usually <1 year in duration
Other relevant postgraduate courses3Usually between 1 and 10 months in duration
None / other - please specify0

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