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Presentations and Posters

There are seven options in the presentations and posters domain, worth up to a maximum of six marks.


A presentation is an oral presentation delivered to healthcare professionals, and can include posters if accompanied by oral delivery.

A medical meeting is an audience of healthcare professionals undertaking CPD in a location other than their workplace – except in the case of local meetings internal to a place of work.

Any presentations relating to quality improvement must not be included in this section.

Presentations & Posters

Oral presentation at a national/international medical meeting6
More than one poster presentation at national/international meetings6
One poster at a national/international medical meeting4
Oral presentation at a regional medical meeting4
More than one poster at regional medical meetings3If you contributed to a national/international poster presentation but were not first author - you may use this option
Oral presentation or one or more posters at local medical meetings2If you contributed to a regional poster presentation but were not first author - you may use this option
None / other - please specify0

National refers to meetings that are routinely attended by anyone in the country, with international denoting a reach beyond this.

Regional refers to meetings where attendance is restricted to a county, deanery, LETB, region, health authority, or cluster.


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