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CT1 Interview Tutoring

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Looking for some expert help with your CT1 interview preparation? You aren’t alone. In recent years, applications to CT positions have become increasingly competitive – and our Core Level Training Interview Tutoring has never been more relevant.

You can choose whether to take our one- or two-hour package, either online or in-person, and a member of the TMP Pro team will talk with and work alongside you ahead of your CT interview. We work with a wide variety of experienced practicing doctors who are passionate about medical education, and are always updating the CT pathways and specialities we cover, so if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If would like to know more before you book, why not read our FAQs below or fill out our Tutoring Enquiry Form?

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Why Choose TMP Pro?

Our one and two-hour interview training sessions are conducted by practicing doctors from a wide variety of specialities, all of whom have experience in medical education.  The team at TMP Pro have developed their interview training over many years, and we are officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine. We are proud of the service we offer, and guarantee that you will be much better prepared after your time with us.

We offer intensive interview preparation during which you will learn how to make a strong impression and do yourself justice in the interview room. In particular, we pride ourselves on providing

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure? If you don’t find the answers you are looking for below, why not contact us?

Who are your tutors?

Every single one of our tutors is a qualified and practicing doctor, mainly consultants and senior registrars. We have trained our tutors to deliver the highest quality tutoring for all aspects of the interview process, and to meet your individual requirements.

Can I request something specific?

Once you have booked, we will put you in touch with your tutor by email – you can then specify what you would like to go over in the session.

Where will I be tutored?

In-person tutoring is usually conducted at our office in Waterloo, whilst online sessions take place via Skype.

Can I be tutored off-site?

We can sometimes coordinate external sessions within London. Depending on your location outside of London, we may be able to allocate a tutor who lives or works closer to you.

What is the difference between online and in-person tutoring?

Whilst in-person tutoring allows tutees to practice mock interviews face-to-face, our two styles of tutoring are equally valuable. Some candidates prefer learning in a familiar environment, and for those who live outside London or those with hectic schedules it is a worthwhile alternative.

Additionally, purchasing an in-person session allows you to bring your portfolio with you – giving you a good practice for how your actual interviews will be conducted.

Is tutoring available outside of working hours?

Subject to doctor availability, tutoring is available in the evening and across the weekend – in addition to during office hours.

How soon can I receive tutoring?

We aim to provide our tutoring at short notice, but no guarantees can be made. Generally, a few days’ notice is enough to avoid disappointment.


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