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CT1 Interview Course

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Our one-day CT1 Interview Course provides ambitious and aspiring young doctors with the tools, techniques, and confidence to pass any interviews at Core level. By joining us on the day, you will work with a highly-experienced senior doctor, and receive a comprehensive document to accompany the course. If you want to stand out above the rest in your highly-competitive field, and want the essential guidance to reaching your maximum potential as you enter your Core Training years, then this is the course for you.

If you have any queries about our course, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Why Choose TMP Pro?

Our interview courses are led by practicing doctors from a variety of speciality backgrounds, all of whom are trained in-house by our academic team to deliver the best quality content in the best possible way.

With high competition ratios in 2016 and 2017, applications for core medical posts is steep and fierce. Junior doctors are intelligent and ambitious, but for many, good interview technique remains the most difficult and ‘unlearnable’ skill in a medic’s arsenal. The team at TMP Pro have developed an interview course that provides attendees with

Our CT1 Interview Course has a maximum of 12 places, ensuring that you receive the best in tailored advice from our experienced senior tutors. You will also have access to a comprehensive course booklet and numerous handouts throughout the day. We aim to make our courses as interactive as possible, and you will have the opportunity to work with professional actors as part of your time with us.


Introduction and Overview

An overview of the interview process and what to expect on the interview day. This is followed by looking at generic interview skills, including how to structure answers. Assisted simulations using professional actors.

About You!

How to approach questions about you, such as talking through your CV and why you’ve applied to specific specialities and deaneries. We look at how to personalise your answer, ensuring you stand out form the rest of the competition.

Personal Insight

We look at how to best tackle questions relating to reflection and personal insight. This includes topics such as your strengths and weaknesses, teamwork and leadership, empathy, communication skills and dealing with stress and mistakes. There will be plenty of opportunity for interactivity and discussion throughout this section.

Ethical Scenarios

This section focuses on basic ethical principles, including the law where applicable. We explore issues such as capacity and consent, managing difficult situations at work including colleagues unfit for work, and conflict resolution. Throughout the station we focus on professionalism and patient safety, and how to apply this in the interview setting.

The Clinical Station

A look at how to approach clinical stations. We focus on the key areas you must discuss, and how to prioritise your actions in a variety of contexts. This includes both clinical management as well as looking at relevant communication skills.

Clinical Governance

In this section we explore relevant areas of clinical governance, such as audit and research, teaching, evidence based medicine and risk management. We look at how to ensure your portfolio contains these crucial elements as well as how to best discuss at interview. There will also be a discussion on the NHS and current affairs, complimented with a comprehensive handout in your booklets.

CT1 Interview Course Timetable

Course timings vary according to the size of the group and the responses in group activities. Our course leaders are happy to adapt to the requirements and wishes of the group and the below timings may be adjusted to reflect this.

Time Topic
9.00 to 9.15 Registration and Welcome
9.15 to 10.00 Introduction and Overview
10.00 to 11.30 About You!
11.30 to 11.45 Coffee Break
11.45 to 13.00 Personal Insight
13.00 to 13.45 Lunch
13.45 to 15.00 Ethical Scenarios
15.00 to 15.15 Coffee Break
15.15 to 16.15 The Clinical Station
16.15 to 17.15 Clinical Governance
17.15 to 17.30 Additional Resources, Questions, and Close

We are currently only running our CT1 Interview Courses in London. If you have any queries regarding this, or any other aspect of the course, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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