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Clinical Educator Course

As you move through your medical career, you will be expected to engage in education – as both a presenter of your own ideas, and as a senior member of a multidisciplinary team. If you’ve thought about ‘Teaching Teacher’ courses before, but never thought they were for you, then our practical and interactive session could be the alternative you need.

Unlike most other courses, our course is designed to help you make the most of the ad-hoc teaching you will have to undertake when working in busy teaching hospitals with junior members of a team.

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More Than a Theory

Aimed at SHOs and registrars, our one-day course is a combination of theoretical and practical work, designed by clinical education experts. Throughout the day, our trainees will interact with professional actors across different scenarios, learn the basics of a number of education theories, and apply their knowledge in presentations and group discussions. Unlike other education courses, our Clinical Educator Course highlights the practical side of teaching, rather than relying on theoretical study. Junior doctors are intelligent and academic, and we believe that an interactive and practical angle offers the best opportunity to put your considerable knowledge into practice. If you want to become a better teacher, rather than undertake a heavily-truncated PgCert, then this is the course for you.

Mapped against the Core-level application points, our course is also in the process of being CPD-accredited – so will help both you, and your portfolio.


The Clinical Educator Course covers seven broad modules, each specifically-designed to hone one particular element of your teaching.

The Theory of Learning

We start by exploring what learning is, how different people learn and how to plan sessions. Recognising this is essential when planning and delivering any teaching sessions, and we discuss how you can adapt your teaching style to suit different needs. We explore past experiences of group members, good and bad, and reflect on what being a good teacher is. The sessions are complemented with exploring relevant theory.

Teaching in Different Settings

As a clinician you will teach in a number of different settings. This may range from one on one ad-hoc ward-based teaching, through to structured group teaching. We look at how to design and deliver bedside teaching, lectures, simulations, small group work and presentations, along with the challenges posed by each one.

Presentations and Handouts

In this section we look at different adjuncts which can be used to aid the learning experience. We explore how to prepare presentations, structure slides and design handouts to maximise the learning experience for attendees.

Workplace Based Assessments

One of the roles of clinicians is to perform assessments for other doctors. We look at different types of assessment, including CBDs, CEXs, DOPS, and MSFs, exploring how to conduct these assessments to maximise the benefit for trainees.  Performing these properly allows doctors to benefit and grow and not simply tick boxes.

Supporting Struggling Doctors

Not all doctors will learn at the same rate. Many will struggle. In this section we look at how to identify struggling doctors, and how to provide appropriate support, supervision and mentorship.


Feedback can be extremely valuable to the clinical educator, although is often misused. Planning and collecting feedback correctly is difficult, but allows the teacher to adapt and improve, benefiting them and all future students. We also discuss how to use critiquing correctly in teaching sessions, and how to get students feeling comfortable in critiquing each other.

Practical Sessions

Throughout the course there will be numerous practical sessions where you will apply and develop the theoretical skills learned. We use professional actors throughout, simulating a number of different and challenging situations. These will include:

If you have any queries about our course, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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