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Advanced ECGs for Non-Cardiologists

Work alongside experienced Cardiology SpRs.

Are you a non-cardiologist or incoming overseas doctor looking to learn some advanced ECG skills? TMP Pro are here to help.

When you join us on our Understanding ECGs course, you will be working alongside a small group of less than twenty junior doctors, and will learn advanced image-reading skills from a team led by highly-experienced Cardiology registrar Dr. Nina Karia. We have helped hundreds of CT1 trainees, medical SpRs, and acute specialists to improve their ECG skillset, and look forward to helping you.

Experience and Learning

Our one-day course covers a variety of cases, including incidents of ACS (NSTEMI / STEMI), arrhythmias, and congenital defects. Our trainees will typically deal with between 10 and 15 cases during the day, and will work in scenario-based group activities, all of which follow current national and international guidelines. Our course leaders also understand the importance of applying management to an interpretation – teaching all trainees how to determine when best to call for specialist assistance, and to build confidence in their own ability to make clinical decisions based on images – especially when working out-of-hours.

Dr Karia has designed and improved the course over a number of years, ensuring that it deals with the cutting-edge of current procedure. She has run courses on ECGs for HEE, and organised ECG training in a major London university.

Making the Most of Your Time

We at TMP Pro don’t believe that bigger is always better. Our course is intensive and rewarding, and doesn’t waste your valuable time with long introductions or frequent summaries. Running from 10am-4pm, and including handout resources covering scenarios, SBA questions, and ECG scans, our course is a tightly-packed day of professional development.

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