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The Educational Performance Measure

The Educational Performance Measure, or EPM, is an assessment of a medical school graduate’s clinical and non-clinical abilities at the point at which they are embarking upon postgraduate training in medicine. A candidate’s EPM score, which may be up to 50 points in total, is based on their performance at medical school for a maximum of 43 points, and their educational achievements for a maximum of seven points.

Medical School Performance

Each medical school will divide a candidate’s academic year in to 10 equal groups of students, called deciles, ranging from the first to the tenth decile. Placement within a specific group is based on a student’s performance in medical school assessments. This part of the EPM is the decile score. It is 43 in the top decile, and decreases by one point per decile to a minimum of 34.

Educational Achievements

Applicants will also have the opportunity to gain up to an additional seven marks. These marks are awarded by providing evidence of any additional achievements. These achievements can be additional degrees, for up to five points, and publications, up to a maximum of two points. Each publication is worth one point.

Candidates will then be allocated a provisional score that is verified on a national verification date.

Valid Evidences

Evidence can only be considered if it is submitted in document form. Candidates are then encouraged to check their provisional score online, as anomalies have been known to occur.

Degree certificates will be accepted as evidence of additional degrees, however, exam transcripts will not – even if authenticated by the awarding institution. If uploading an additional degree certificate to Oriel, the candidate must also ensure that the name of the awarding institution, the name and class of the degree, and the date of the award are on the certificate. The name of the candidate, and the name and signature of the awarding officer must also be present.

Only full degrees are considered valid, which excludes PGCEs and diplomas.


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