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The Fellowship of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine examinations are the exams taken by those doctors wishing to practice as specialists in Emergency Medicine. To become Fellows of the College, doctors must take three suites of exams – the FRCEM Primary, Intermediate, and Final.

Changes to the FRCEM

The RCEM is currently streamlining its examination processes for the MRCEM and FRCEM, with all examinations now leading to the award of the FRCEM. Those who do not wish to complete all examinations for the Fellowship can still obtain the Membership, or MRCEM. This system has been in place since 2016, although some candidates are still in the process of completing pre-2016 pathways.


The implementation of the new system is in two parts – from August 2016, and August 2018.

Since August 2016, the Fellowship examination has consisted of

From August 2018, the Fellowship examination will consist of

The College continues to offer Membership by Examination (MRCEM) for those who have passed the


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