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The FRCEM Final

The FRCEM Final examinations test the entirety of the Emergency Medicine 2015 Curriculum. Candidates for the FRCEM Final examinations are therefore strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the 2015 Curriculum in preparation for sitting the exams.


Until 1 August 2018, the FRCEM Final consists of the following components:

From 1 August 2018, the FRCEM Final will consist of the following components:

The FRCEM Critical Appraisal Short Answer Question (SAQ) Paper

The FRCEM Critical Appraisal is a 90-minute appraisal exam on a published academic paper, requiring skill in critical examining published material, and academic arguments and logic.

The FRCEM Clinical Topic Review (CTR)/QIP and accompanying Viva

The CTR is comprised of a written CTR review of no less than 3,500 words, for 60% of available marks, and a 15-minute Viva of the CTR for the remaining 40%. The CTR itself should be of direct relevance to clinical practice in EM, rather than focussing on management of a department, or the wider aspects of NHS provision. Primary research into topics relating directly to Emergency Medicine will be accepted, however.

The FRCEM Management Viva

The Viva is split into

Part One – In-Tray Exercise

For the first section of the task, the candidate will have five minutes’ reading time, followed by 15 minutes to complete the viva itself. The task simulates a consultant’s in-tray of different management situations.

Part Two – Long Case

During this section, the candidate will have to read a single document describing a clinical topic. They will then have to answer questions relating to what they have just read. The questions will begin as soon as the candidate has stopped reading the text.


The FRCEM Final SAQ is conducted in IELTS Level 7 English, and consists of 42 questions on the ST4-6 curriculum, and 18 questions on the material previously covered in the Intermediate SAQ.

The ST4-6 Competences examined follow below.

Higher Specialist Training Major and Acute Presentations

Comprising 25 questions, with questions on

Additional Paediatric Practical Procedures

Comprising three questions, with questions on

Practical Procedures

Comprising 11 questions, with questions on


Comprising three questions, with questions on

Previously-Assessed Competences

Clinical Presentations – Core Major & Acute Presentations

Comprising six questions, with questions on

Common Competences

Comprising two questions, with questions on

Anaesthetic Competences CT1 and CT2

Comprising one question on any of

ICM within ACCS

Comprising one question on any of

Acute Presentations – Additional Adult ST3

Comprising two questions on any of

Paediatric Presentations – Major & Acute Presentations

Comprising three questions, with questions on

Practical Procedures (ACCS)

Comprising three questions, with questions on


The Objective Structured Clinical Examination for Final FRCEM candidates consists of 14 stations, each around 8 minutes in length, which examine the follow competences

FRCEM Final Examination Dates

ExaminationApplication Opening DateApplication Closing DateExamination DateResults DateFee (£)
SAQ/CA18 June 20186 July 20186 September 20184 October 2018310/240
OSCE18 June 20186 July 20185 - 13 November 201814 December 2018420

The FRCEM Critical Appraisal Paper and SAQ Paper can be taken in London, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Dublin. The Viva and OSCE can only be taken in London.



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