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Dates, Ratios, and Eligibility

The application is a set process starting with an application for eligibility before programmes become available to view online. Applications are open in the early part of October before moving on to interviews and the SJT.

Key Application Dates

The full dates for 2018 can be seen in the table below.

Eligibility application submission period25th June 2018
AFP programmes available to view on Oriel20th August 2018
Registration period opens. All programmes available to view on Oriel24th September 2018
Application period for FP and AFP1st October to 12th October 2018
Deadline for submitting special circumstances applications to the home medical school12th October 2018
AFP local shortlisting and interview15th October 2018
First SJT exam 7th December 2018
Second SJT exam 7th January 2019
AFP National and cascade offers16th January to 13th February 2019
Primary List applicants informed of allocation to foundation school for FP7th March 2019
Primary List Applicants informed of match to programme results4th April 2019
Online references collected8th April 2019
Reserve List Batch and RLMT allocationsFrom April 2019


Before you embark on the process of applying, you will need to understand as much as possible about your eligibility.

The programme is open to all final year medical students. If you have graduated from a UK school after 1 August 2017, your school will confirm your eligibility on your behalf. If you come from a medical school overseas or graduated before August 2017 you will have to fill out an eligibility application.

You can find out more about the full eligibility guidelines via the Foundation Programme website.

Competition Ratios

It is not strictly necessary for you to complete an AFP in order to follow a career in academic health but there are only a limited number of academic jobs available. Competition is intense and a place on this course will go a long way to improving your chances of securing a job.

Getting onto the AFP itself, however, is far from straightforward. AFP posts represent just 5% of the total foundation programme posts available. Places are limited which is why the NHS has made special measures to ensure as many people can complete an AFP as possible.

This is why you will be restricted to applying to just two AUoUs.


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