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ACCS (Acute Medicine) Eligibility

The ACCS (Acute Medicine) training programme recruitment is coordinated by the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB). In order to have ACCS (Acute Medicine) eligibility, applicants must have an MBBS degree or equivalent. Applicants should also have full registration with the GMC, and a current license to practise. They should provide evidence of current employment in a Foundation Programme affiliated with the UKFPO. Alternatively, they can demonstrate 12 months’ experience after full registration with the GMC. Applicants should also provide evidence that they have achieved foundation competences within three years before the programme start date. The candidate is in line with the GMC’s ‘Good Medical Practice‘ guidance when they achieve these competences.

ACCS (Acute Medicine) Eligibility

Trainees should be eligible to work in the UK and have an ALS Certificate from the Resuscitation Council by the time they are due to start working as an ACCS trainee. They must be up-to-date on documentation, fit to practise safely, and aware of what their training needs are. They should be able to write and speak English to a level that enables them to communicate effectively. Trainess should also be able to meet the health requirements as set out in the GMC’s ‘Good Medical Practice’ guidance.

Employment History and Career Progression

Trainees must give full employment history details, and show that their career progression is in line with their personal circumstances. They should also have evidence that their performance and level of achievement is in keeping with their length of training. They must notify the training programme director of the specialty training programme in which they are currently working if applying to continue training in a different location, but in the same specialty.

If a trainee has given up on a training programme in their speciality of choice, they will not be eligible to apply. The same applies if the course providers remove the applicant. There is an exception if the trainee received an ARCP outcome of ‘one’.

They must not have been removed or resigned from a training post or a programme which results in achieving the award of FACD5.2, unless there are extenuating circumstances and they can prove that they have achieved a satisfactory outcome after remedial measures.



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