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ACCS (Emergency Medicine) Person Specification

The person specification for ACCS Emergency Medicine is the same as the specifications for Acute Medicine and Anaesthetics, without the requirement for less than 18 months’ experience in anaesthetics. The ACCS Emergency Medicine person specification ensures that ACCS candidates are suitable for emergency medical training.

General Specification

The ACCS Emergency Medicine Person Specification requires applicants for emergency medical training to

They must also have evidence of

Doctors who are UK or EEA nationals are eligible to apply and need to provide evidence of their immigration status such as a biometric residence card, a date stamped passport, or an identity card.

Tier-2 Visas

Non-UK or non-EEA nationals who have limited leave to remain in the UK and who need a Tier 2 visa to work are subject to the RLMT. Doctors who are already on Tier 2 who apply to continue training with the same sponsor are eligible to apply. Non-UK or non-EEA nationals who graduated from a UK medical or dental school and have Tier 4 status to work in the Foundation Programme need to apply for Tier 2 sponsorship. However, they are exempt from the RLMT if they have had continuous immigration status in the UK since they graduated. Non-UK and non-EEA nationals are eligible to apply for Round 2 if they hold a Tier 2 visa, and are applying to work both in a different specialty and under a different sponsor. However, such applicants will need to obtain Tier 2 sponsorship, and are subject to the RLMT.


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