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The CT1 ACCS interviews are also known as the assessment or selection centre. Applicants have to answer questions from clinicians at several interview stations, and have their documentation verified and assessed to confirm they are eligible to apply to ACCS, and to check whether the achievements documented in their application are valid.


There are three stations where two consultants test candidates. Some regions have a third clinician at the first station to assist with checking documents and application forms. A layperson is also present to help with quality assurance of the interview process, but they do not assess applicants. Each station takes 10 minutes to complete and there are five minutes between stations, with the whole interview lasting around 45 minutes.

The First Station

At the first station applicants will have their application form and documentation reviewed. Consultants generally review their submitted evidence before the station begins. Examiners will also assess applicants on their CT1 suitability and commitment to training, in addition to their achievements.

The Second Station

Before candidates start the second station, they have to review a short clinical scenario, and then answer questions about it. Applicants should consider what they would do in the situation, possible treatments, what additional information they might need and how they would communicate with patients, colleagues or relatives. One mark is given for how applicants manage the scenario, and they are also assessed on their communication skills both in their explanation of how they would communicate in the clinical scenario, and how they communicate with the interviewers.

The Third Station

At the third station, examiners will assess applicants on an ethical scenario, as well as their professionalism, and knowledge of governance. Before they arrive at the station they are given an ethical scenario to review. Candidates then respond to the scenario, demonstrating their knowledge of the different issues it highlights, and participate in a closing discussion. Examiners may also ask candidates about their understanding of professionalism and governance for a particular scenario – and expect candidates to be able to answer unseen questions.  Applicants should also be familiar with the GMC’s ‘Good Medical Practice‘ Guidance, as it forms the foundation of the assessment.

General Interview Questions for ACCS and Anaesthetics

Examiners may ask ACCS candidates questions similar to the following examples.


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