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CAT Specification

The CT1 Anaesthetics Person Specification requires applicants to

They must also have evidence of

Eligibility for CT1 Anaesthetics

They should be eligible to work in the UK and hold an Advanced Life Support Certificate from the Resuscitation Council, or an equivalent. The chosen deaneries will expect up-to-date documentation, fitness to practice safely, and an awareness of training needs. They must have proven skills in written and spoken English that allow them to communicate effectively with medical colleagues and patients, and able to meet the health requirements as set out in the GMC’s ‘Good Medical Practice‘ guidance.

Trainees should also provide a complete employment history, and show that their career progression is commensurate with their personal circumstances. Every candidate should also provide evidence that their performance and achievements are in line with their time spent in training. If applicants wish to train in the same specialty but in another region, they must have informed the training programme director.

Experience Required by the Anaesthetics Person Specification

Applicants must also have less than 18 months of experience in anaesthetics by the start of their CT1 Anaesthetics post. This cannot include Foundation Programme experience. They must not have been removed from an anaesthetics training programme unless they hold an ARCP outcome of one. The chosen deaneries will also take any extenuating circumstances into consideration.

They must not have resigned or removed from or relinquished a post or programme that led to a failure to achieve an FACD5.2 award, unless there are extenuating circumstances and they can provide evidence to show a satisfactory outcome from remedial measures.


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