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Applying for Core Medical Training

CMT training applicants should complete their Core Medical Training application through Oriel, the online application system. Candidates will then receive a score based on their achievements and qualifications.

Eligibility for CMT Training

To be eligible to apply for CT1, candidates must

International Applicants

Most applicants from the EEA do not need to apply to the Home Office to work in the UK. However, as they are not automatically entitled to work, applicants from Croatia may be subject to the RLMT. Doctors from outside the UK or EEA, but who have visa documentation that entitles them to work UK without restriction, are considered on the same basis.

International doctors without visa documentation may need a Certificate of Sponsorship, and also have to sit the RLMT.  Those continuing to work under a Tier 2 visa and with the same sponsor are exempt. Doctors without a valid UK work visa will need Tier 2 sponsorship, and to sit the RLMT. They are only eligible to apply for core training in Round 2.

Round 1 and Round 2 of the Core Medical Training Application

The CMT training programme has two application rounds, both of which use the Single Transferrable Score (STS) model of recruitment. Under the STS system, applicants will attend interviews in three to four venues. Furthermore, first round applicants give their preferences for location, with no limit to the amount they can choose. However, candidates cannot give preferences in the second round of their Core Medical Training application.


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