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Core Medical Training Interviews

Short-listed CMT training candidates are invited to attend an interview and sent an email notifying them once interview slots are available to book on Oriel.

Documentation Required for CMT Training

Applicants must take two folders with them to the interview. They will need a folder containing the documents proving CT1 eligibility. This includes identification, proof of the right to work in the UK, and an original medical degree certificate. They will also need a folder containing evidence of the achievements included on the application form – such as certificates, diplomas, publications, feedback, and assessments.

Additionally, to ensure the interviews accept their evidence, applicants will need to complete an Evidence Summary Form for inclusion in the folder. Applicants are also asked to ensure that any information that could identify patients is removed from their documents. A consultant then checks the evidence folder during the interview.

Structure of the CMT Training Interviews

Two consultants assess skills, knowledge, and experience across three 10-minute stations, separated by five-minute breaks.

At the first station, the interviewers review the candidate’s application form and documentation, ensure all information is correct, and assess their past achievements. Candidates will also have to demonstrate their commitment to, and suitability for, both CMT and the region to which they are applying. In addition to communication skills, the other stations measure the candidate’s handling of clinical scenarios. The scenarios are only a few sentences long, and the candidate has the chance to read them before the second two stations begin.

After reading through the scenario, candidates should consider what they would do next and what treatments might be appropriate. They should also consider additional information they may need to obtain, and how they would communicate with patients and colleagues. Alternatively, candidates may have to answer questions on unseen data, such as blood test results.

At the third station, candidates will respond to an ethical scenario, and demonstrate their knowledge of the issues it raises. Candidates should also prepare to share their knowledge of professionalism and governance with regards to topics such as audit, research, and teaching.

Questions at the Core Medical Training Interviews

Past CMT questions have included the following:


2019 interview dates are not currently available. The next cohort of Core Trainees enter their posts in August 2018. Check back regularly for updates.


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