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CST Deaneries

There are 16 CST deaneries for Core Surgical Training in the UK – one each for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and 13 in England.

NHS Education for Scotland

NES Medicine is the medical directorate within NHS Education for Scotland. The Scotland Deanery is part of NES Medicine, the body that co-ordinates the recruitment process for postgraduate medical training. The Deanery manages the delivery and oversees the quality of postgraduate training for around 5,800 doctors working in Scotland. There are two core surgical programmes:

Wales Deanery

The Wales Deanery provides postgraduate medical and dental training in Wales. Trainees are recruited at CT1 level for a two-year CST programme involving rotations of four month’s duration at CT1, and either two six-month posts at CT2, or one 12-month post.

Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency

The Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency provides postgraduate training for medical and dental graduates in Northern Ireland. It is responsible for managing the recruitment process for foundation, core, and specialty training programmes. The deanery provides training in one of five trusts, and trainees work in both teaching hospitals and large district general hospitals. Trainees apply for CT1 posts and the CST programme lasts for two years, with rotations lasting six months.

Health Education England

Health Education England is a non-departmental public body responsible for overseeing the education and training for NHS staff in England. HEE is responsible for workforce planning, recruitment, education, and training of NHS staff in

Recruitment in South London, North West London, North Central and East London, and Kent, Surrey and Sussex is managed by London and South East (LaSE) Recruitment.


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