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Recruitment in England, Scotland, and Wales

The recruitment process for CST programmes in England, Scotland, and Wales is organised by the London and South East (LaSE) recruitment office. The Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency organises recruitment for CST programmes in Northern Ireland.

Recruitment Process

Applicants make one application for CST through Oriel, with LaSE then managing the application process, and conducting interviews on behalf of all the Local Educational Training Boards (LETBs) and deaneries. If applicants meet the person specification, they are guaranteed an interview. The essential criteria include


Successful candidates can book a time and date for their interview on a first-come, first-served basis through Oriel. The interview comprises three 10-minute stations separated by at least three-minute break:

The Management Station

The management station features tasks designed to encourage candidates to think quickly – such as

The Portfolio Station

Because this station is based on the candidate’s portfolio, there are no set questions. Instead, members of the interview panel review the portfolio 10 minutes before the interview. In addition to answering questions about their portfolio, candidates must also complete a checklist and put it at the front of their portfolio ahead of the interview.

The Clinical Scenario Station

Candidates will be asked two questions about clinical scenarios. They are given three minutes to read the first question outside of the interview room, and then five minutes to answer it. The interview panel then ask the candidate questions about a second clinical scenario.

Example Interview Questions

Questions asked during past CST interviews have included

Interview Tips

Applicants should

Recruitment Rounds

A second round of recruitment to CST programmes will only be held if there are CST programmes that remain unfilled after Round 1. Applicants will need to submit another application for Round 2, which is also organized nationally.

International Applicants

Non-UK and on-EEA applicants will need to take the Resident Labour Market Test. Applications to CST programmes from international graduates who need a Tier 2 visa to work in the UK and have limited leave to remain will only be considered if there are no candidates from the UK or EEA who are suitably qualified for the posts.


2019 interview dates are not currently available. Check back regularly for updates.


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