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Choosing Deaneries

When choosing a foundation school, in addition to examining the high competition ratios in certain areas of the country, it is also important to consider the

Foundation Schools and Competition Ratios 2018

In 2018, North Central Thames and North East Thames Foundation Schools merged to become North Central and East London Foundation School. North Yorkshire and East Coast, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Foundation Schools have also combined to become Yorkshire and Humber Foundation School.

There is a total of 15 AUoAs and 18 Units of Application (UoAs) across the UK Foundation Programme with 20 Foundation Schools.

The table below shows a comparison in competition ratios for 2018 by Unit of Application (UoA) at the time of national allocation.

Foundation School Number of ProgrammesCompetition Ratio
East Anglia2560.55
Essex, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire 3050.60
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, and Rutland1490.78
North Central and East London3342.17
North West London2332.67
North West of England7871.14
Northern Ireland2431.04
South Thames7741.03
West Midlands Central1781.54
West Midlands North2480.51
West Midlands South1590.53
Yorkshire and Humber (North, West and South)5620.88

Key Application Dates 2018/19

Applying for Foundation Programmes this year? Here’s a list of key application dates for 2018/19.

Submission period for eligibility application 25th June – 8th August 2018
Academic Foundation Programmes (AFP) available to view on Oriel 20th August 2018
Registration period, and all programmes are available to view on Orielfrom 24th September 2018
Application period for FPs and AFPs 1st – 12th October 2018
Deadline for submitting special circumstances applications to home medical school12th October 2018
Short-listing and interview for the AFPs 15th October 2018
First date for sitting the Situational Judgement Test 7th December 2018
Second date for sitting the SJT 7th January 2019
National offers for the AFP 16th January 2019
Cascade of AFP offers 16th January – 13th February 2019
Primary list of applicants informed of foundation school allocations 7th March 2019
Online reference collection 8th March – 8th April 2019
Primary list of applicants informed of matching results 4th April 2019
Reserve list batch allocations from April 2019

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