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East Anglia

Cambridge at dusk.

East Anglia is an area in the East of England, comprised of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire, and featuring a long coastline. The area is largely rural, with the largest settlements being Norwich, Cambridge, and Peterborough. It is bordered by the North Sea, and the Thames to the South. The Foundation School also covers Bedford, North and West Hertfordshire, and Southend.

Hospital Trusts in East Anglia

There are thirteen hospital trusts in East Anglia, with one each trust managing a single hospital – with the exception of East and North Herts. East Anglia’s affiliated universities are the University of Cambridge, and the University of East Anglia.

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 256 posts available in East Anglia, and the competition ratio was 0.55.

Successful applicants to East Anglia will be committed to a two-year programme covering both F1 and F2, with no additional selection or application during F1. Trainees may move between trusts, however. Linked applications, which ensure that linked applicants are placed within close proximity of one another, are not supported in East Anglia.

Posts Available

The posts available at the trusts in East Anglia vary across the region. Programmes are divided into three rotations of four months, and the individual programmes can be viewed here.

Less Than Full Time training is available in East Anglia, although overseas training is not. The only exception to this is for overseas F1 students whose student agreement requires them to return home.

Academic Foundation Programme

The EAFS is comprised of two Units of Application – Cambridge, and Norfolk and Norwich University.

Trainees in Cambridge have the opportunity to undertake a dedicated 4-month academic placement during F2. Only the second year is spent in Cambridge, with the first year spent in surrounding areas such as West Suffolk and King’s Lynn. More information on how to apply may be found here.

All programmes in the Norfolk and Norwich UoA are within the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Trust for both years. More information on how to apply may be found here.

There are no academic posts based in either EAFS Cambridge or EAFS Norfolk and Norwich University that are specifically focused on medical education.


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