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North West London

Park Crescent, Marylebone.

The North West Thames Foundation School covers parts of Greater London from Zone 1 to Zone 6, and beyond into Watford. The School is almost entirely urban in character.

Hospital Trusts in North West Thames

There are six trusts in the North West Thames Foundation School, each including between one and three hospitals. The only linked university in the area is Imperial College London.

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 233 posts available in North West Thames, with a competition ratio of 2.67.

Successful applicants will be appointed to a two-year programme, although the F2 trust will only be provisionally linked. Formal allocation to F2 takes place during F1. Trainees may expect to spend one year in one of the urban trust, and the other in a district general. The North West Thames Foundation School does not honour linked applications at a programme level.

Posts Available

There are a variety of posts available across the trusts, which can be viewed here, and in affiliation with Imperial College London. Eligible candidates may be able to undertake LTFT training via slot-sharing, reduced hours, or as a supernumerary. There are also three F2 exchange posts, in which three F2 doctors will get the opportunity to work in Wellington Hosptial, NZ, for a year. This is the only overseas work opportunity.

Academic Foundation Programme

The Unit of Application for North West Thames has been shared with the North Central and East London and South Thames Foundation Schools. This Unit is called the LaSE, or London and South East AFP UoA.  There are around 120 programmes available, shared between

Applicants may rank their preferred programmes by speciality, with applicants interviewed at their first choice location wherever possible. There are six sets of interviews in total.

There a five medical education posts available across the whole LaSE.


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