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North West of England

Morecambe Bay.

The North West of England Foundation School covers a very large area centred around Liverpool and Manchester. The school offers a large number of posts across urban, rural, and coastal areas. The largest settlements in the Schools are Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, and Blackburn.

Hospital Trusts in the North West of England

The North West of England School is comprised of 33 trusts, including three Mental Health Trusts, and four Specialist Trusts. There are also three linked universities – the Universities of Liverpool, Manchester, and Lancaster.

The Mental Health Trusts in the School are the

The Specialist Trusts in the School are the

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 787 posts available in North West England, with a competition ratio of 1.14.

Successful applicants to the North West of England School will be placed in a two-year programme. The School also ensure that linked candidates are located close to one another within this very large area.

Posts Available

There are many different posts available within the School, with all programmes including a four-month General Practice rotation. The only exempt parties are those on a Longitudinal Integrated Foundation Training Programme. The LIFT permits doctors to work at a single practice without rotation. The School also supports LTFT for those who are eligible.

Academic Foundation Programme

The North West of England functions as a single Academic Unit of Application, with 57 available posts. More information is available here.


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