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Northern Ireland

Albert Memorial Clock, Belfast.

The Northern Ireland Foundation School covers the whole of Northern Ireland, from Belfast and the surrounding eastern areas, to Derry and Enniskillen in the west. Three of the five trusts in the School are in the Belfast area.

Hospital Trusts in Northern Ireland

There are five hospital trusts in the Northern Ireland Foundation School, with each trust including between one and four hospitals. The only linked university in the School is Queen’s University, Belfast.

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 243 posts in Northern Ireland, with a competition ratio of 1.04.

All successful applications result in a two-year programme without the need for reapplication for F2, although it is not clear if linked applications are supported at programme level.

Posts Available

As with the Schools on the UK mainland, a large variety of programmes are available – with more information available here. LTFT training is also available, providing candidates are eligible, but overseas training is not possible.

Academic Foundation Programme

Candidates intending to apply to an AFP in Northern Ireland must submit an application through the national system and to the school itself. Nine posts were awarded in 2016, with the academic rotation managed by Queen’s, Belfast. More information may be found here.

Despite there being a history of medical education posts in Northern Ireland, the school no longer offers medical education programmes.


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