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Bridges over the Tyne, Newcastle.

The Northern Foundation School covers the area surrounding Newcastle-upon-Tyne, from the North York Moors in the South, to Berwick in the North. It also has schools across the North, from Newcastle on the East Coast, to West Cumberland and the Lake District on the West.

Hospital Trusts in the Northern Foundation School

There are 12 hospital trusts in the Northern Foundation School, covering a variety of services and locations. The only linked university in the area is Newcastle University.

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 377 posts available in Northern Foundation Schools, with a competition ratio of 0.90.

All successful applicants will be allocated to the same trust for F1 and F2. The Northern Foundation School does not honour linked applications at programme level.

Posts Available

There are a variety of different posts available at each trust, with more information available here. Most of the two-year programmes are structured as six four-month rotations, but some F2 years are comprised of a six-month, four-month, and two-month rotation. LTFT training is also available to those who are eligible, but overseas training is not – unless candidates are affiliated with the Malta Foundation School.

Academic Foundation Programme

The Northern Foundation School currently has 21 Academic Foundation Programme places, with

More details on the specific programmes may be found here.

There are no specific Medical Education posts at present.


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