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Bridge of Sighs, Oxford.

The Oxford Foundation School five hospitals in Oxford, as well as facilities across Buckinghamshire – including Milton Keynes – and Berkshire. The area also covers the Chilterns, and runs as far north as Horton.

Hospital Trusts in the Oxford Foundation School

There are five hospital trusts in the Oxford Foundation School, covering a variety of services and locations. The only linked university in the area is the Oxford University Medical School.

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 214 posts in Oxford, with a competition ratio of 1.32.

Successful applicants will be committed to a two-year programme, and will therefore be aware of their rotations from the commencement of the F1 year. The Oxford Foundation School does not honour linked applications at a programme level.

Posts Available

There are a variety of programmes on offer across the Oxford School, with a full breakdown available here. The School also groups its programmes by trust, with additional information available below.

Eligible trainees may undertake LTFT training in the form of part-time training, or through supernumerary funding. Oxford Foundation School’s current stance on overseas training is not clear at present, but information may be available on their website.

Academic Foundation Programme

There are 24 AFP posts across Oxford, with the School encouraging its trainees to select their own areas of interest – rather than formally linking the rotation to a specific speciality. Trainees are encouraged to pursue their own interests and to find their own supervisors, but there it is not currently clear whether or not the programme includes formal medical education work.


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