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Cloisters, University of Glasgow.

The Foundation School in Scotland covers the entire country, but is split into four regions according to the four Deaneries in Scotland. These regions are centred around

Hospital Trusts in Scotland

Each of the four regions in the Scotland Foundation School is subdivided into trusts and hospitals, with each region linked to a university – Dundee in the East, Aberdeen in the North, Edinburgh in the South East, and Glasgow in the West.

The East region is comprised of

The North region is comprised of

The South East region is comprised of

The West region is comprised of

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 791 posts available in Scotland, with a competition ratio of 1.01.

Candidates are matched to a two-year programme in the North region of Scotland, whilst those in every other region are matched to a fixed F2 with rotations that are not fixed. Both years may be spent in the same trust, or may vary.

Posts Available

The range of posts available across Scotland is huge, and potential applicant’s are encouraged to visit the following website to search for programmes. LTFT training is undertaken, although overseas work is not. Linked applications are supported at a trust level in Scotland, with every linked application being assessed with the School’s compatibility matrix. The matrix determines if linked applicants could reasonably cohabit during their training.

Academic Foundation Programme

There are 60 AFP posts available in Scotland, including eight medical education roles. For those looking to apply, information on programmes in each region may be found on the relevant website.


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