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South Yorkshire

Sheffield Town Hall.

The South Yorkshire Foundation School is one of three foundation schools, along with North Yorkshire and East Coast, and West Yorkshire, that make up the Yorkshire and Humber UoA. The School covers the metropolitan areas of Sheffield and Doncaster, as well as the smaller towns of Worksop, Rotherham, and Barnsley.

Hospital Trusts in South Yorkshire

There are six hospital trusts in South Yorkshire, covering a variety of locations and services. The only affiliated university in the area is the University of Sheffield Medical School.

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 562 posts across Yorkshire and Humber (North, West and South), with a competition ratio of 0.88.

Successful applicants to the South Yorkshire School will be appointed to two-year programmes, and will not undergo a matching process midway through F1 for their second year.

Posts Available

More information on the various programmes available across the region is available on the School’s website. LTFT is possible in this School, and linked applications are considered when allocating to geographical area, but overseas placements are not offered. The school covers a small geographical area, and candidates hoping to be linked at programme level will still be placed close to one another – even though linked applications at programme level are not supported.

Academic Foundation Programme

There are 21 AFP posts available in South Yorkshire, including 12 medical education posts – all affiliated with the University of Sheffield. More information on the specifics of each AFP post may be found here.


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