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Waterfront, Cardiff.

The Wales Foundation School covers the entirety of Wales, with the majority of the trusts concentrated along the coast of the Bristol channel by Cardiff and Newport. All of the trusts are coastal.

Hospital Trusts

There are seven hospital trusts, covering a variety of locations and services. The two linked universities are Cardiff and Swansea.

Entry Statistics

In 2018, there were 327 posts available in Wales, with a competition ratio of 0.86.

Successful applicants to Wales are committed to a one-year programme, with applications for F2 posts taking place after four months. Candidates are free to apply to any hospital in Wales during the F2 application cycle. Wales Foundation School does not honour linked applications for Health Board or programme allocation.

Posts Available

All programmes are divided into three four-month rotations, with more information on the specific programmes available in each trust available here. It is not possible to work overseas during the two years of training in Wales, but some time may be taken out during F1 or F2. Slot-sharing is the preferred form of LTFT training in the School, but those eligible will be free to work on a less-than-full-time basis in a manner of ways.

Academic Foundation Programme

There are 21 AFP posts available across the Wales UoA, but rather than applying for a two-year programme featuring a four-month academic period in F2, successful applicants to Wales are matched to a one-year programme. This one-year programme is designed to facilitate ongoing development of research skills alongside clinical work. The F2 year is then structured in the same manner.


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