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Professional Outcomes

The curriculum for the Foundation Programme is comprised of four sections:


Foundation doctors must achieve 20 professional outcomes, or foundation professional capabilities – educational outcomes that encompass aspects of both clinical practice, and professional responsibilities. In both foundation years, trainees must achieve the minimum levels of performance expected of a doctor at their level before they can progress to the next stage of training.

Foundation Year One

During the first year, doctors begin to take responsibility for managing patients under supervision, and build on the skills that they have gained during their time at medical school. F1 doctors are provisionally registered with the GMC, and may apply for full registration at the end of a successful first foundation year.

From Foundation Year One to Foundation Year Two

Before they can progress to their second year, F1 doctors must show that they have established themselves effectively in clinical practice by

F1 trainees must also demonstrate the ability to

If doctors successfully complete F1, they receive the Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion (F1CC), necessary for full registration with the GMC.

Foundation Year Two

F2 doctors, although still supervised, take on more responsibility for managing patients, and are expected to make more complex decisions about the clinical management of patients. They work in a greater variety of clinical settings than F1 doctors, such as EM departments and outpatients, and contribute to the teaching and supervision of both junior colleagues, and medical students.

F2 doctors also need to show that they have achieved the minimum expected level of performance in the 20 Foundation Professional Capabilities. F2 doctors must show that they have built on the skills that they have developed during F1, and have

Once a doctor has successfully completed F2 training they will receive their Foundation Programme Certificate of Completion (FPCC) and they will be eligible to apply for Core, Speciality, or General Practice training.


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