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Applying for General Practice Training

GP recruitment occurs three times a year. Those applying for GP training can apply twice for a start date in August 2018, and once for a start date in February 2019. Round 1 covers August 2018 and Round 2 covers February 2019.

Application Timetable for GP Recruitment

Recruitment RoundApplication Opening DateApplication Closing DateMSRA Opening DateMSRA Closing DateSelection Centre Opening DateSelection Centre Closing Date
Round 2 - February 201931 July 201816 August 20186 September 201810 September 201825 September 201827 September 2018

Applicants make one application for all participating regions. The short-listing method is known as the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) during which applicants have to take a computer-based assessment. Eligible applicants then book a place at a selection centre of their choice, depending on availability. Applications are nevertheless valid across the whole of the UK. A measure called the Single Transferable Score (STS), based on the applicant’s performance and rank, determines their placement.

All applicants must apply using the online application system (Oriel), but can submit only one application per round. They then indicate their preferences from all the GP training programmes in the UK, in rank order. Applicants should only preference programmes that they would be prepared to work in – including those that are listed with no vacancies. as posts may become available at a later date. However, GP training programmes are only available at ST1 level. They are generally 3 years’ duration but some programmes in Scotland take four years to complete.

Applying for GP Training under Special Circumstances

GP trainees can accept an offer of £20,000 to work in areas in England, Scotland and Wales that have been hard to recruit to for the past three years under the Targeted Enhancement Recruitment Scheme.

Applicant with special circumstances who wish to train in a particular area should state this on their application form. The Facilitated Placements Process reallocates those who wish to be closer to their spouse or family. This process is available to all applicants except those who applied to academic posts, locally-recruited posts, or those wishing to move into or out of Northern Ireland. Applicants may apply for one facilitated placement each recruitment year. Applicants who are deferring their start date for training are not able to apply for a facilitated placement.

Those wishing to defer their training need to highlight this on their application form and have to undergo the full selection process.  Applicants who need a Tier 2 visa to undertake GP training should seek advice to ensure they are eligible for determent. Deferment is different e in each country. Guidelines for deferment in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are available on the GP National Recruitment Office website.


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