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Core Statement

The Core Statement describes the skills developed whilst training to be a GP, and is the basis of all GP learning. Trainees will require these skills when working within the NHS, and will learn them in a structure comprised of

The Five Areas of Capability

The five Areas of Capability as laid out in the Core Statement are:

However, due to the scope of a GP’s work, a number of additional Areas of Capability are possible. Therefore, the RCGP based the current model on the areas most relevant to the development and assessment of a doctor training to be a GP in the NHS. Similarly, the Capabilities are also an integrated model, covering the progression of GP learning – as well as separate learning outcomes. Within each Area, there are multiple Core Capabilities, which are finally made up of Core Competences.

Core Capabilities and Competences

Competence is the ability to perform professional duties in line with required standards. A competency outlines the behaviours that a doctor must have acquired to the necessary standards whilst training as a GP. Capability is  the potential of trainees to become competent and to develop higher levels of expertise and knowledge. A capable GP is one that is able to recognise what the necessary level of competence is in a particular situation, and then know how to apply it. While trainees should know the limits of their competence, they should also have the ability to go beyond these when necessary and adapt to unfamiliar working situations.


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