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Professional Modules

The General Practice Professional Modules highlight the most important areas of General Practice by illustrating the key areas of learning through case-based examples, educational outcomes, and more general advice for learning. They also provide an overview to the skills required in each specific area of the speciality, and act as a exemplification of good practice, rather than an inclusive guide. GPs are therefore encouraged to read the Professional Modules alongside the other areas of General Practice training, in addition to further literature.

General Practice Professional Modules in Summary

The four Professional Modules cover skills in consultation, safety, leadership, and CPD:

Each Professional Module follows a template established by the RCGP, beginning with a summary of the module, followed by

Full module breakdowns may be found on the RCGP website.

The GP Consultation in Practice

This module stipulates that GPs should

Patient Safety and Quality of Care

This module stipulates that GPs should

The GP in the Wider Community

This module stipulates that GPs should

Enhancing Professional Knowledge

This module stipulates that GPs should


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